2018 Research News

These are 2018 funded research projects benefitting corn producers.

Continuation of Program: Information and Applied Technology

Erick Larson, Angus Catchot, Tom Allen
Corn Verification Program

Randy Loper
Web site maintenance and support for the Mississippi Corn Promotion Board

Jeff Johnson, Richard Lee Atwill, L. Jason Krutz, Lawrence Falconer, H. C. Pringle, III, W. Brien Henry, J. Trenton Irby, Darrin Dodds
Row-Crop Irrigation Science Extension and Research (RISER) Program

Jeff Johnson
Delta Agricultural Weather Project

Brad Burgess
Standardization of Mississippi Corn Hybrid Trials

Erick Larson, Brien Henry
Investigating Methods to Improve Corn Stand Development

Programming to communicate research results to producers

Angus Catchot, Don Cook
Evaluation of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Field Corn

Brien Henry, Louis Wasson
UAV Videos to Extend Research to Producers

Water Quality/Irrigation

Jeff Johnson, J. Jason Krutz, Erick J. Larson, W. Brien Henry, Bobby Golden, H.C. (Lyle) Pringle, III, Lawrence Falconer
Irrigation and Soil management Strategies that Improve Irrigation Application Efficiency, Soil Quality, Water Quality, and Corn Yield

Connor Ferguson, Jason Krutz
Determining optimal rainfall duration by soil type based on irrigation nozzle type

Precision Agriculture Technology

Jac Varco, Amelia Fox, Joby Czarnecki, Xiaofei Li
An Integrated Approach to Predicting, Mapping, and Applying N Side-dress Variable Rate Treatments in Corn

Ganesh Bora, Jac Varco
Evaluation of in-field-crop sensors for variable rate nitrogen application and yield prediction in corn

Michael Cox, William Kingery, Shankar Shanmugam
Spatio-Temporal Variability of Soil Health Parameters in Mississippi Corn Production Settings

Nutrient Management for higher yield levels

Mary Love Tagert, Joel Paz, Jac Varco, Brian Williams, Dennis Reginelli
Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Fall Poultry Litter Applications with and without a Legum Cover Crop

Wayne Ebelhar, Bobby Golden, Larry Falconer
Stepwise Evaluation of High Tech Production Systems Contrasted to Existing Standard Production Systems

Wayne Ebelhar, Larry Falconer
Interaction of Nitrogen and Zinc Rates for Corn and Cotton Grown in Rotation

Harvest Management (reducing harvest losses)

Tessie Wilkerson, Tom Allen
Utility of foliar fungicide applications to manage southern rust, reduce lodging and manage field standability of corn

Planting Systems

Raja Reddy
Evaluating corn hybrids for drought and waterlogging during stresses during early-season

Brien Henry, Normie Buehring, John Orlowski, Wayne Ebelhar
Optimizing corn yield through enhanced fertilizer inputs and increased plant populations

Cover Crops and Soil Health

Brian Baldwin, Brien Henry, Jesse Morrison
Use of Winter Legumes as Late Summer through Spring Cover Crops

Wayne Ebelhar, Larry Falconer
Potential for Rapeseed (Canola) as a Winter Cover Crop in a Corn/Soybean Rotation System that Includes Cereal Rye

Residue Management

No reports.

Tillage Systems

No reports.

Crop Protection

Connor Ferguson
Assessing the Value of Multiple Mode of Action Herbicide Tank Mixes to identify maximum grower return on investment (ROI) for weed management while achieving optimal weed control

Jeffrey Gore, Angus Catchot, Don Cook, Fred Musser
Trapping Program to Monitor Southwestern Corn Borer Populations in Mississippi

Taghi Bararpour, Jason Bond
Evaluation of Preemergence (PRE) and Postemergence (POST) Herbicide Applications on Weed Control Programs for Palmer Amaranth, Morningglory, and Grass Weeds in Corn

Te-Ming Paul Tseng, Brian Baldwin
Using weed-suppressive corn and cover crops for weed management and increased profitability of corn

Connor Ferguson, Erick Larson, Jason Bond, Dan Reynolds
Towards improved Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) control in Mississippi Corn

Taghi Bararpour
Evaluation of Preemergence and Postemergence Applications of Metribuzin on Weed Control Programs and Crop Safety in Corn

Don Cook, Angus Catchot, Jeff Gore
Impact of Whorl Feeding Caterpillars on Yield of Field Corn

Don Cook, Angus Catchot, Jeff Gore
Early Season Management of Stink Bugs in Field Corn

Sead Sabanadzovic, Nina Aboughanem
Application of the forefront technologies for identification of intracellular pathogens of corn

Corn Storage, facilities and equipment

No reports.

Corn Marketing Strategies

No reports.

Other – USDA – ARS Proposal

Ardeshir Adeli, Gary Feng, John Read
Nutrient Management and Cropping System effects on Sustainable Corn Production under different Geographic locations and soil types across Mississippi