2020 Research News

Corn Hybrid Yield Trials

Brad Burgess
Standarization of Mississippi Corn Hybrid Trials

Cover Crops and Soil Health

Brett Rushing and Connor Ferguson
The effects of cover crops on corn production, soil health, weed suppression, and forage production in east-central Mississippi

Crop Protection (Entomology)

Angus Catchot, Don Cook, Whitney Crow
Evaluation of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Field Corn

Don Cook, Jeff Gore, Angus Catchot and Whitney Crow
Management of Stored Grain Insect Pests of Field Corn

Don Cook, Angus Catchcot, Jeff Gore, Whitney Crow
Early Season Management of Stink Bugs in Field Corn

Jeff Gore, W. Crow, A. Catchot, D. Cook, and F. Musser
Trapping Program to Monitor Southwestern Corn Borer Populations in Mississippi

Crop Protection (Weed Management)

Taghi Bararpour
Investigation of Palmer Amaranth Resistance to Glufosinate in Mississippi

Taghi Bararpour
Investigation of Palmer Amaranth Resistance to Mesotrione (Group 27: HPPD inhibitors) in Mississippi

T. Bararpour*, G. Singh, J.A. Bond, and B. Lawrence
One-Shot Weed Management Programs in MS Corn

Taghi Bararpour
Residual Activity of Atrazine, Dual II Magnum, Metribuzin, Lexar, Callisto, Prowl, Outlook, Zidua, Corvus, Impact, Capreno, Warrant, and Acuron on Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth

Extension areas: 1 and 2

Erick Larson, Angus Catchot, Tom Allen, Drew Gholson
Corn Verification Program

Extension and Research

Steve Martin
Delta Agricultural Weather Project

Nutrient Management

Brien Henry, Jac Varco, Darrin Dodds, Angus Catchot, Erick Larson, Joey Williams
Optimizing Yield Through Enhanced Fertilizer Inputs and Increased Populations

Gurbir Singh and Brian Mills
Stepwise Evaluation of High Tech Production Systems Contrasted to Existing Standard Production Systems

Justin McCoy, Bobby Golden and Benjamin Lawrence
Evaluation of a Rapid Method for Assessing Corn Nitrogen Management in Season

Gurbir Singh, Jason Krutz, Taghi Bararpour, Drew Gholson, Gurpreet Kaur and Nicolas Quintana
Strip-tillage and fertilizer placement effects on irrigated and dryland corn production

Precision Ag Technology

Michael Cox, William Kingery, Shankar Shanmugam
Spatio-Temporal Variability of Soil Health Parameters in Mississippi Corn Production Settings

Residue Management (Crop Rotations)

Gurbir Singh and Gurpreet Kaur
Potential for Rapeseed (Canola) as a Winter Cover Crop in a Corn/Soybean Rotation System that Includes Hairy Vetch

Water Quality/Irrigation

K. Raja Reddy and Hunt Walne
Evaluating Corn Hybrids for Drought and Waterlogging

Drew Gholson, et al.
Irrigation and Soil Management Strategies that Improve Irrigation Application Efficiency, Soil Quality, Water Quality and Corn Yield

Gurbir Singh and Brian Mills
Interaction of Nitrogen and Zinc Rates for Corn and Cotton Grown in Rotation

Drew Gholson, L. Jason Krutz, Erick Larson, Benjamin Lawrence, Brian Mills, Gurpreet Kaur, Gurbir Singh
Row-Crop Irrigation Science Extension and Research (RISER) Program