Hybrid Trial Information

The Mississippi State University – Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Variety Testing Program evaluates the performance of commercially available corn hybrids, as well as other varieties of row crops, throughout the state of Mississippi.

The annual trials examine yield as well as other data such as maturity date, plant height, lodging, reaction to disease and herbicides, and plant characteristics, depending on the crop. The variety/hybrid trials are professionally managed and conducted by a team of experts in a research oriented environment to minimize variability. These trials provide unbiased, comprehensive information that assists farmers in making pivotal decisions about variety/hybrid selection and management.

Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials

 MAFES Pub# Year Format
IB554 2020 pdf
IB544 2019 pdf
IB533 2018 pdf
IB524 2017 pdf
IB513 2016 pdf
IB502 2015 pdf
IB490 2014 pdf
IB480 2013 pdf
IB471 2012 pdf
IB464 2011 pdf
IB458 2010 pdf
IB452 2009 pdf
IB445 2008 pdf
IB438 2007 pdf
IB429 2006 pdf
IB426 2005 pdf
IB416 2004 pdf
IB402 2003 pdf
IB394 2002 pdf
IB381 2001 pdf
IB371 2000 pdf
IB359 1999 pdf

Corn for Silage Hybrid Trials

Pub# Year Format
IS1346 2006 pdf
IS1345 2005 pdf
2004 pdf
2003 pdf
IB393 2002 pdf
IB380 2001 pdf
IB370 2000 pdf
IB360 1999 pdf