Current Research News

Continuation Proposals

Corn Hybrid Yield Trials

Brad Burgess
Standardization of Mississippi Corn Hybrid Trials

Corn Storage

Don Cook, Jeff Gore
Management of Stored Grain Insect Pests of Field Corn

Cover Crops and Soil Health

Hunter Bowman, Jason Bond, Corey Bryant, Erick Larson
Evaluation of Potential Cover Crops in Conjunction with Current Weed Control Programs

Shankar Shanmugam, Joshua White, Brett Rushing
Long-term study on the impact of cover crop on soil microbiome function affecting C and N inputs in Corn production systems

Crop Protection (Diseases)

Tom Allen
Evaluation of the entries in the Mississippi Corn Official Hybrid Trial for susceptibility to economically important and potentially yield-limiting diseases

Don Cook, Whitney Crow
Identification of Factors Contributing to Early Season Stink Bug Infestations in Field Corn

Crop Protection (Entomology)

Tyler Towles, Whitney Crow, Don Cook, Fred Musser, Erick Larson
Southwestern Corn Borer Trapping Program

Extension & Research

Erick Larson, Whitney Crow, Tom Allen, Drew Gholson
Corn Verification Program

Jeff Gore
Delta Agricultural Weather Project

Whitney Crow, Don Cook
Evaluation of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Field Corn

Drew Gholson, Erick Larson, Nicolas Q. Ashwell, Tsz Him Lo, Corey Bryant, Dave Spencer
Row-Crop Irrigation Science Extension and Research (RISER) Program

Extension Programming

Dave Spencer, Zach Reynolds, Drew Gholson, Brian Mills, Erick Larson
Providing Irrigation Vision, Optimization, and Training (PIVOT)

Planting Systems

Erick Larson, Jason Krutz, Jason Bond, Will Maples
Enhancing Compatibility of Cover Crops with Corn Production Systems

Jagmandeep Dhillon, Michael Mulvaney, Wes Lowe, Corey Bryant, Brian Mills
Increasing corn planting speed using off-the-shelf precision planting technology

Precision Ag Technology

Zach Reynolds, Dave Spencer, Brian Mills
Going LIVE (Large-plot Implementation Validation Experiment): Altering seeding and nitrogen rates as a function of CEC to optimize corn productivity and profitability at the field scale

Corey Bryant, Vaughn Reed, Amee Bumguardner, Brian Mills
Revision and Validation of Mississippi State University P, K, & S Fertilizer Recommendations

Weed Management

Volkan Senyurek, Ali Gurbuz
UAV-based autonomous unsupervised weed detection for corn fields

Taghi Bararpour, Jason Bond
Weed Management Programs in Mississippi Corn: Companies Herbicide Programs as Compared to The Standard Program

New Proposals


Himmy Lo, Drew Gholson, Nicolas Q Ashwell, Erick Larson
Wide-Skip Furrow Irrigation for Corn in Clay Soils: A Farmer-Led Revolution

Nutrient Management

Vaughn Reed, Jagmandeep Dhillon
Delayed Timing for Spring Application of N in corn

Vaughn Reed, Corey Bryant
Tissue Sampling as a tool for nutrient management in Corn in Misssissippi

Planting Systems

Jagman Dhillon, Vaughn Reed, Tyler Soignier, Corey Bryant, Amee Bumguardner
Is it time to reconsider plant populations of top Mississippi Corn Hybrids?

Precision Ag Technology

Darrin Dodds, Madison Dixon
Evaluation of UAS Systems for Aerial Applications and Cover Crop Seeding

Corey Bryant, Vaughn Reed
Fertilizer Response to Soil Sample Location within the Seed-Bed

Weed Management

Taghi Bararpour
Effect of Soil Applied Adjuvant (Grounded) on Residual Activity of Main Preemergence Corn herbicide on Weed Management Programs including Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth

Jason Bond
Evaluation of Preemergence Herbicides Impregnated on Urea and Potash in Corn

Taghi Barapour, Corey Bryant
Evaluation of Preemergence and Postemergence Application of Metribuzin on Weed Management Programs in Mississippi Corn