2013 Research News

These are 2013 funded research projects benefitting corn producers.

Priority Area 1: Extension – Continuation of Program: Information and Applied Technology

Brad Burgess, Erick Larson
Standardization of Mississippi Corn Hybrid Trials

Erick Larson, Angus Catchot, Tom Allen
Corn Verification Program

Mark Silva Delta
Agricultural Weather Project

Bob Ratliff, Rick Noffsinger
Web Site Maintenance and Support for the Mississippi Corn Promotion Board – No report

Priority Area 1: Research – Harvest Management

Normie Buehring, Billy Kingery, Wayne Ebelhar, Larry Falconer
Corn and Soybean Crop Residue Management Impact on Soil Quality, Yield and Returns

Priority Area 2: Research – Residue Management

Michael Cox, Larry Oldham, Bobby Golden
Addressing acid soil conditions in Mississippi corn production

Michael Cox, Erick Larson
Validation of Soil Management Zone Determination for Efficient Corn Production

Bobby Golden
Corn Response to Zinc Fertilization

M. Wayne Ebelhar, H.C. Pringle III, Lawrence Falconer
Defining Mid-Season Nitrogen Management (TASSEL) for Optimum Corn Production

Priority Area 4: Research – Nutrient Management

Jac Varco, Brien Henry, Amelia Fox
Development of Cost-effective Scouting Tools to Assess Early Leaf Nitrogen Status in Corn

Bobby Golden
Correlation of Soil Test Potassium and Phosphorus Indices with Plant Tissue concentrations and Corn Yield

Priority Area 5: Research – Precision Agriculture Technology

W. Brien Henry, Erick Larson, Normie Buehring
Planting Density and the Effect on Dryland Yield Stability

Priority Area 6: Research – Regionalized Planting Date Studies

W. Brien Henry, K. Raja Reddy, Erick Larson, Normie Buehring, P. Grady Dixon, Steven Martin
Corn Hybrid Evaluation to Optimize Early-season Planting

Mary Love Tagert, Jonathan Pote
On-farm Validation of the Mississippi Irrigation Scheduler Tool (MIST) for Corn Production Systems

Priority Area 7: Research – Irrigation/ Water Management

Daniel Reynolds, Jason Bond
Evaluation and Integration of New Corn Weed Control Technologies in Mississippi Crop Production Systems – No report

Jason Krutz, Erick Larson, Brien Henry, Bobby Golden, Lyle Pringle, Larry Falconer, Normie Buehring
Developing Sustainable and Profitable Deficit Irrigation Programs – No report

Jason Krutz, Darrin Dodds, Larry Falconer, Trent Irby, Erick Larson, Lyle Pringle
Row-crop Irrigation Science Extension and Research (RISER) Program – No report

Priority Area 8: Research – Weed Management

Ashli Brown, Darrell Sparks, Olga Pechanova, Jose Rodriguez
Decreasing The Impact of Aflatoxin on Ccorn and Distillers Grains

Priority Area 9: Research – Aflatoxin Management (Aflaguard Evaluation)

Angus Catchot, Fred Musser, Don Cook, Jeffrey Gore
Evaluation of Management Strategies for Sugarcane Beetle in Mississippi Field Corn – No report

Don Cook, Angus Catchot, Jeffrey Gore, Fred Musser
Impact of Corn Earworm Infestations on Transgenic Field Corn Yield and Grain Quality – No report

Priority Area 11: Research – Corn Storage, Facilities and Equipment

Tom Allen, Bobby Golden, Jerry Singleton
V5 corn fungicide applications for disease management and yield enhancement and late fungicide applications in the presence of disease to prevent yield loss


Angus Catchcot, Jeff Gore
Bee Project: Assessing the Impact of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments on Pollinators – No report

Hamed K. Abbas, Mark Weaver, Gabe Sciumbato, Tom Allen
Aflatoxin management in corn with Afla-Guard and the effects of fungicides and Afla-Guard on aflatoxin contamination