2016 Research News

These are 2016 funded research projects benefitting corn producers.

Priority Area 1: Extension – Continuation of Program: Information and Applied Technology

Erick Larson, Jason Krutz, Angus Catchot, Tom Allen
Corn Verification Program

Randy Loper
Web site maintenance and support for the Mississippi Corn Promotion Board

Jason Krutz, Larry Falconer, Lyle Pringle, Darrin Dodds, Trent Irby, Erick Larson
Row-Crop Irrigation Science Extension and Research (RISER) Program

Mark Silva
Application of the forefront technologies for identification of intracellular pathogens of corn

Erick Larson, Brien Henry
Non-Uniform Corn Stand Assessment

Brad Burgess, Erick Larson
Standardization of Mississippi Corn Hybrid Trials

Priority Area 2: Extension – Programming to communicate research results to producers

Angus Catchot, Don Cook
Evaluation of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Field Corn

Priority Area 1: Research – Water Quality/Irrigation

Jason Krutz, Martin Locke, Erick Larson, Brien Henry, Bobby Golden, Lyle Pringle, Larry Falconer
Irrigation and Soil management Strategies that Improve Irrigation Application Efficiency, Soil Quality, Water Quality, and Corn Yield

Brien Henry, Jason Krutz, Normie Buehring, Erick Larson
Drought tolerant hybrids and short season hybrids to mitigate risk, optimize yield and profit, while reducing supplemental irrigation

Priority Area 2: Research – Precision Agriculture Technology

No reports.

Priority Area 3: Research – Nutrient Management

Bobby Golden
Correlation of Soil Test Potassium and Phosphorus Indices with Plant Tissue Concentrations and Corn Yield

Brien Henry, Jac Varco, Erick Larson, Normie Buehring, Bobby Golden
Fertility, Hybrid Selection, and Input Strategies to Optimize Yield and Early Harvest

Priority Area 4: Research – Harvest Management (reducing harvest losses)

No reports.

Priority Area 5: Research – Planting Systems

No reports.

Priority Area 6: Research – Cover Crops and Soil Health

Brian Baldwin, Brien Henry, Jesse Morrison
Use of Winter Legumes as Late Summer through Spring Cover Crops

Wayne Ebelhar, Larry Falconer
Potential for Rapeseed (Canola) as a Winter Cover Crop in a Corn/Soybean Rotation System

Priority Area 7: Research – Residue Management

Jac Varco
Winter Cover Crops and Fall Applied Poultry Litter Effects on Corn Yield, Nutrient Cycling, and Soil Health Indicators

Normie Buehring, Wayne Ebelhar, Billy Kingery, Larry Falconer
Corn and Soybean Crop Residue Management Impact on Soil Quality, Yield and Returns

Priority Area 8: Research – Tillage Systems

No reports.

Priority Area 9: Research – Crop Protection

Jeffrey Gore, Angus Catchot, Don Cook, Fred Musser
Trapping Program to Monitor Southwestern Corn Borer Populations in Mississippi

Sead Sabanadzovic, Nina Aboughanem
Application of the forefront technologies for identification of intracellular pathogens of corn

Don Cook, Angus Catchot
Impact of Whorl Feeding Caterpillars on Yield of Field Corn

Priority Area 10: Research – Corn Storage, facilities and equipment

No reports.

Priority Area 11: Research – Corn Marketing Strategies

No reports.


Tom Allen
In-furrow Fungicide Applications for Disease Prevention and Yield Enhancement

Brien Henry, Bronson Strickland, Jessica Tegt, Trent Irby
Estimation of Wild Hog Movements and Damage to Corn Production in the Mississippi Delta